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NeoDezign CDA - CD Audio Plug-In

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NeoDezign CDA - CD Audio Plug-In

Postby Ndzn » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:07 pm

NeoDezign CDA is a CD Audio Plug-In that provides an easy way to create a full-feature CD Audio Player with all the controls and commands you need to create a high-end software CD Player complete with CD Info, CD Cover Images, Song Lyrics, Official Artist Website, and even Rip CD to MP3 files!*

While MCI is not that difficult, it is time-consuming (and sometimes tricky) to get a player working like you want it to. "ndznCDA" removes all that frustration and makes creating a CD Player as easy as Copy & Paste!

Code: Select all


            * ndznCDA_Initialize
            * ndznCDA_Open
            * ndznCDA_Close
            * ndznCDA_ClearVars
            * ndznCDA_CDPresent


            * ndznCDA_Play
            * ndznCDA_Pause
            * ndznCDA_Stop
            * ndznCDA_First
            * ndznCDA_Prev
            * ndznCDA_Next
            * ndznCDA_Last
            * ndznCDA_Eject

        Object Actions

            * ndznCDA_TimerInterval
            * ndznCDA_TrayTimerInterval
            * ndznCDA_TrackbarChange


            * ndznCDA_Info
            * ndznCDA_Cover
            * ndznCDA_Lyrics
            * ndznCDA_OFCLWebsite


            * ndznCDA_Rip2MP3*
             (with Adjustable VBR/Quality, ID3 tagging, Filename Patterns)
              *Registered version

:!: ver 1.0.1: Corrected problem with "ndznCDA_CDPresent"
:!: ver 1.0.2: Updated "ndznCDA_Lyrics" command with more reliable resource and more flexible HTML results.

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Postby Ndzn » Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:41 am

If you downloaded ndznCDA, you should download this updated version that corrects an error in the CDPresent command.

If you have any problems or questions please email me directly at "ndzn :?:"

Thanks for trying ndznCDA!
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NeoDezign CDA UPDATE 1.0.2

Postby Ndzn » Mon May 28, 2012 9:15 am

The CD Audio Plug-In has been UPDATED.

Please use the download link from your registration email to get the latest version of NeoDezign CDA.
If you need your download link or have any problems, please email me directly.

Version 1.0.2

• Updated (due to defunct lyrics resource)
• More reliable lyrics resource
• Returns Lyrics as encoded HTML for display in NeoBook's WebBrowser Object.
• Greater flexibility as HTML than as plain text.

NeoDezign CDA Webpage

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