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Recording / Mixing audio

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 10:11 am
by dpayer
I was asked to create an app that displayed a video that asked a question and then recorded the audio response of the person. I had recalled seeing recording plugins and talk of MCI utilization and I thought I would have the tools readily accessible.

I was wrong. The MCI option works but you can't really control quality very well. The Mixer plugin plugin doesn't work on Vista. Also the Windows

sound recorder is different in Vista and it actually gives you fewer options, not more.

That is why I suggest this poll. I want to see if there is interest to create such a thing either natively for NB or by converting an existing Active-X for use in NB. It probably wouldn't be cheap as the Active-X components would require each of us to buy their license in addition to the NB developer's fee.

Lets see how great an interest there is.

Sample Active-X components: ... index.html