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tmMSN - New Plugin from Alberto

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tmMSN - New Plugin from Alberto

Postby remlap » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:05 am

From his website...

Very powerful plugin to allow you build applications around MSN Protocol. With tmMSN, you can build custom Messengers or robots, to accept commands from remote machines and perform selected actions based on messages received.

MSN applications as very event driven in nature. Is very difficult for a plugin manage all events that occurs on such applications. We have coded tmMSN to offer your an easier plugin as possible, allowing you to build simple MSN applications and BOTS. You can create your portable MSN Messenger and run from a Pen Drive, without worrying to expose your personal data on a public computer, for example. You can make a BOT application, witch runs on your computer and "listen" to a specific message to perform an action, like turning off the computer or make a backup. A good starting point is learning how Neobook deal with Timers and you are ready to go to entry on MSN Protocol World. You have all control of the messages, so you can build messengers with strong encryption.


Build MSN Messengers with easy
Send and Receive Messages
Get contact lists
Add, remove contacts
LOGIN in invisible mode
Run Neobook actions on MSN Events
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