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tmStorage 2.0 from Alberto

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tmStorage 2.0 from Alberto

Postby remlap » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:03 am

From his website...

Add Strucuture Storage routines to NeoBook5. With this plugin, you can create a lot of applications, like backups, file organizers, photo albuns, software protection systems, etc. You can store files inside streams and treat them as normal archives, renaming, viewing, extracting, etc. You can share streams with other Neobooks users with resources, like pictures, sounds, icons, texts, rtfs, etc. You can protect your media files just extracting what you want from the stream just in time to use it. In the future, with another plugins allow it, you can load resources direct from the stream.

tmStorage2 provides an efficient solution for an application to store many different types of data inside one file and to be able to access this data very fast and easily, without bothering about creating temporary files or streams; when requesting to read, the compressed data is decompressed on the fly directly from the source stream.

Version 2 was completely rewrited and provide the fastest and secure code and is prepared for our new line of products.


Create streams with or without compression
Strong encryption (256 bits)
Password protected streams

Load/save Var direct from/to Streams
Decompress and run applications inside streams (decompress to tmp dir then run, automatically, just one step)
Very fast
Vista compatible
Progress indicator for lengthly operations

FREE for regiestered users - tmImageStorage Plugin

Load images (almost any format), directly from stream, without decompress to disk
tmStorage is compatible with tmFlash2, tmSpreadsheet, tmPDFViewer, and all other TechMedia plugins wich loads streams direct from memory, without need to decompress to disk.

BONUS: StorageManager application, to help you manage your stream files.
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