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tmScreenColorPicker and hpwUtility color conversion

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tmScreenColorPicker and hpwUtility color conversion

Postby WinMacLyn » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:00 pm

Hi HPW, TechMedia and everybody,

I am using the tmScreenColorPicker Plug-in v1.01 to fill an object using SetObjectFill.
The RGB color format that needs the SetObjectFill use two comas between numbers like: 200, 200, 200 which is the correct format setting, but the tmScreenColorPicker doesn’t produce comas at its numbers at all! So I am trying to use the [tmColorHTML] instead to produce some color code from it.
Searching the Plugin list for one to convert from HTML to RGB formats I found the hpwColorConverter from the hpwUtility to try to convert the HTML code from [tmColorHTML].

The question is; does the hpwColorConverter convert colors from different formats?
If not, anyone knows any other Plugin that offers a RGB color format from HTML format.
Or maybe if TechMedia can add the two commas to the Plugin
Or if HPW can add the conversion formats to the hpwUtility will be great and very useful for many tasks!

It is essential to use (because the things it does) the tmScreenColorPicker.

And here is the code that demonstrates that doesn’t work because doesn’t convert it from HTML to RGB.

Code: Select all
tmColorPicker "1"
SetVar "[ColorHTML]" "[tmColorHTML]"
hpwColorConvert "[ColorHTML]" "RGB" "[NewColor]"
SetObjectFill "RectangleColor" "[NewColor]" "Solid" "False"

Added later

I just put the code inside a Timer Object to refresh the code and it is working great !!
The hpwColorConverter from the hpwUtility it does convert from HTML to RGB formats properly
Thanks a lot HPW and TechMedia for bringing us so many valuable Plugins.
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