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Init the support of my NeoPlugins localization

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Init the support of my NeoPlugins localization

Postby dec » Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:40 am


I init the support of my NeoPlugins localization offering to you a new versions of all my NeoPlugins, that can be translated used the popular PO files (with PO Edit, for example). This is for plugins interface part, the help file will be translated from HTML source, and the rest (examples) "manually".

Today I release a new version of my NeoPlugins, but, only the Install Assistant an some messages is translated to the english. Only the NeoHotkeys plugins have the plugin interface translated (by me), but not the help file.

You can install a NeoPlugin in your prefrered language, and, automatically, the plugin rules with this language. You can change the language too from the about dialog of my NeoPlugins.

Some issues. Certain variables cant be translated. For example, the variable that contain the result of all my NeoPlugins actions remain in spanish, but, I think that with the interface translated, and the help file translated, you can obtain sufficient information about this.

In spanish version of Neobook, for example, the spanish user can use variables like "[PubDir]", that not is translated, but, the user dont have problem, because the help file of Neobook inform (in spanish language) about this "english name" variable. For same motives, the action's names remain in spanish language too.

Well. You can download my new version of NeoPlugins now, if you like. Maybe you can look how work all to talking about here. Remenber that for this time only the NeoHotkeys plugin have the interface translated, but, when I find a translator that can help me, the interface retranslated again, because my poor english is very "mejorable".

In my Web Page I inform about news of my NeoPlugins. The Web page remain in spanish language, but, on new updates, for example, I try to translate the entry text on english too. And its all... a minute... its all?

Well. If you use my NeoPlugins, please, remenber that I work hard with this, I consume my time and work very hard to offer to you very pretty plugins, I think that is good plugins, and I working to you have nice days when use my Neoplugins.

That I can said? Please, considerer make a donation today. Considerer support my development. Support my development and my attention to yours. Contribute with the actual development and future develpment of new plugins. Visite my Web site for more information. And many thanks in advance.
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