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MTGPLUINScE Plugin On Test !

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MTGPLUINScE Plugin On Test !

Postby Luke » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:20 am

MTGPLUINScE IS a Plugin which contains functions to exchange data between Excel and
Neobook . The Plugin uses OWC spreadsheet as interface with Neobook.
Pulling data and sending data to Excel performed invisible. And even without OWC.
The OWC Spreadsheet can be programmed by the plugin and can be used as a calculation engine and Presentation Interface for the Neobook application .
Easy to use and Protected to use as WEB APPLICATION or Locally with Full Compatibility of Excel.
Functions :
> Create Owc spreadsheet
> Put data
> Get data
> Copy/ Paste
> Spreadsheet Interface ( 8 functions on/off )
> Pull data from excel worksheet(Range) + Populate an OWC Spreadsheet with data from Excel
> Send data to excel
> Get data from excel
> Create Excel worksheet
> Save Excel Worksheet
> Import other Spreadsheet format * (not completed)
> Identify OWC version
> Identify Office version

Test on progress due to Release ! Testers Are Welcome !.
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Postby dglojnar » Wed Aug 01, 2007 4:44 am

Hi Luke!

Check Your PM.
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