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Synchronizing database

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Synchronizing database

Postby Kevin McGinley » Thu Feb 22, 2007 5:44 pm

How would one go about synchronizing two databases created with NeoBook DB plug-in. I have been thinking about it and I cannot wrap my mind around how to even begin. Any thoughts or has anyone already solved this issue?


Kevin McGinley
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Postby Gaev » Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:07 pm


Perhaps you need to define synchronizing first ... say you want to sync. dbfA and dbfB ...

a) do you just want to sync. dbfA using dbfB ? ... or also sync. dbfB using dbfA ? ... if the latter, you will need to have some kind of timestamp data in the records to identify precendence.

b) do they both have identical fields (including field types) ?

c) can records be identified via a unique key ?

d) the actual logic will depend on your exact definition of synchronization ... but things to consider are ...

- records in dbfA and dbfB with different content
- records in dbfA but not in dbfB
- records in dbfB but not in dbfA

... the last two can be tricky ... as you could end up undeleting previously deleted records ... i.e. if record with key=1234 exists on dbfA but not on dbfB ... is it because it was deleted from dbfB or because it was added to dbfA ? ... and so do you add it to dbfB or remove it from dbfA ?
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