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IConvert plug-in and BabelFish

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IConvert plug-in and BabelFish

Postby Frank » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:49 am

Hello again,

What's the use for a plug-in if you don't have a proper sample to work with...
In the Neobook Resource Archive I've put a Neobook sample publication using the Iconvert plug-in. It shows how to use BabelFish from Neobook with the use of (only!) the IConvert plug-in.

Note: the IConvert plugin should be installed and functioning properly for this to work!

BabelFish converts ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) into UTF-8 before translation and converts the translated UTF-8 text into ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) again. The IConvert plug-in takes care of the conversion.

The BabelFish publication was originally made by Schneppi and I have adapted it a little bit to work with the IConvert plug-in. Oh yes...I have changed the source text into French to make things things easier for myself when searching for text to translate.

Please, give proper credit when using it for your own purpose: The free IConvert V3.0 ActiveX was made by Chilkat, the plug-in was created with the ATN Wizard by Jay Cherabi (Micronet) and the publication was originally created by Schneppi (Thank you!).

BTW, Schneppi if you read this post and you do mind me publishing your original work please tell me so and I will make sure it will be taken away from the Neobook Resource Archive ASAP.

The sample can be found here: ... act=SF&f=3


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