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tmPSD GUI - ** New Plugin to create powerful interfaces **

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tmPSD GUI - ** New Plugin to create powerful interfaces **

Postby Alberto_Meyer » Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:19 am

This plugin can load Photoshop ® compatible images (create in Adobe Photoshop or another compatible image software, like the freeware The GIMP, Corel Paint, etc. Image must have LAYERS. That layers will act like active areas in Neobook and respond to mouse events. With this plugin, you can mix standard Neobook GUI components with very detailed layers, and create stunning interfaces. You can create skins to completely change the appearance of you publication: just load another image with same layers names. Layers can be repositioned to be shown in another location, etc. Now, it´s very easy to do applications like Winamp. Layers can be empty, so you can have HOT SPOTS in your interface.

More info here
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