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Help needed,Please test following Neobook5 plugin URL!

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Help needed,Please test following Neobook5 plugin URL!

Postby SabrinaE » Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:50 am

Hi All,
Someone in this forum can't download following URL,Can you help to test if the download URL is working correctly,and post your testing results here ?
Thanks much!

We have developed a opengl plugin for neobook5 named "3DVRI for neobook5",Using it you can integrate realtime 3D interactive contents into Neobook5.
Some newest 3DVRI for neobook executable demos snap and .exe download url is following!
1.A realtime chameleon demo,Created by 3DVRI for neobook.
Runtime snapshot: ... d&id=10239 ... d&id=10240 ... d&id=10242 ... d&id=10243 ... d&id=10244 ... d&id=10245 ... d&id=10246 ... d&id=10247
Executable demo download url: ... einfo.html
or;c ... 955258a58e
2.A realtime famouse Temple of Luxor which sited in Egypt demo,Created by 3DVRI for neobook.
Runtime snapshot: ... d&id=10249 ... d&id=10250 ... d&id=10252 ... d&id=10253 ... d&id=10254 ... d&id=10255 ... d&id=10256 ... d&id=10257 ... d&id=10258 ... d&id=10259 ... d&id=10260 ... d&id=10261 ... d&id=10262 ... d&id=10263 ... d&id=10264
Runtime snap shot's flash .swf file download url: ... einfo.html
Executable demo download url: ... einfo.html
or;c ... 955258a58e
The plugin has following features:
1.Convert animation software such as 3dsmax's scene to 3DVRI realtime simulation scene.
2.The converted 3DVRI realtime simulation scene can direct input or publish by neobook5.
3.The converted 3DVRI realtime simulation scene can also edited by 3DVRI VR scene editor and add interactives then used in neobook.
4.Can support large realtime scenes.
5.Support following openscengraph features:
A full-featured and industry-proven scene graph
High performance due to support for
- View frustum, small feature and occlusion culling
- Level of detail
- State sorting and lazy state updating
- OpenGL fast paths and latest extensions
- Multi-threading and database optimization
Extensive support for OpenGL, from 1.1 through 2.0 including the latest extensions
Tightly coupled support for OpenGL Shading Language, developed in conjunction with 3Dlabs
Support for a wide range of 2D image and 3D database formats, with 34 loaders available including industry standards such as OpenFlight, TerraPage, OBJ, 3DS, JPEG, PNG and GeoTiff
Particle effects
High quality anti-aliased TrueType(R) text support
Seamless support for framebuffer objects, pbuffers and frame buffer render-to-texture effects
Multi-threaded database paging support, which can be used in conjunction with all 3D database and image loaders, allowing terabyte database to be explored at a solid 60Hz
Large scale, whole earth geospatial terrain paged database generation
Introspection support for core libraries allowing external applications to query, get, set and operate on all classes in the scene graph, via a generic interface
Multi-threaded and highly configurable support for multiple CPU/multiple GPU machines

6.Our 3DVRI version realtime simulation scenes can all integrated into neobook5,Via our product 3DVRI for neobook5.
You can download or see our realtime scenes from our website.
Snapshot and foreign download is following: ... s/Qj3DVRII ... MALL3DVRII ... Park3DVRII ... City3DVRII

The following flash is some introduction of the plugin:
1.The install of 3DVRI for neobook5. ... aba1c67969
or ... dvri01.swf

2.3DVRI for neobook5 working demo. ... 9014538c21
or ... dvri02.swf

3.A full workfolow of 3DVRI for neobook5.
A) ... 92651d8c2a
or ... vri030.swf
B) ... f5260918e8
or ... vri031.swf ... 69ce67d091
or ... dvri03.swf

3DVRI Project lead: zhuwan
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