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NeoBookFM/FTP v1.2 Update Released

Questions about our File Management and Internet FTP plug-in

NeoBookFM/FTP v1.2 Update Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:52 am

NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoBookFM/FTP version 1.2. This update can be downloaded from:

This update contains the following:


• Added a Resume option when downloading files from a remote FTP server. If a download is interrupted before completion, Resume allows you to continue the download from where it left off rather than starting over. Resume can only be used with binary transfer mode and must be supported by the FTP server. To enable, set the “AllowResume” option in the fmCopySelected, fmCopyFrom or fmSetDragDropOptions actions

• The fmSetItemDate action can now be used with folders.

• Additional improvements to handling of unexpected terminations of FTP connections.


• Corrected a problem that prevented the fmFocus action from working under certain circumstances.

• Confirmation dialogs now correctly display icons for files located on remote servers. (The icon displayed is based on the file’s extension.)

• It’s now possible to use semicolon characters within FTP connection passwords. If semicolns are used, the entire password must be enclosed in double quotes. For example: [#34]my;password[#34]

• Fixed a problem with the default progress dialog that caused an “invalid window handle” error to appear if the dialog was first activated from a custom window that was later closed. Also resolved a problem that could occasionally cause the progress dialog to appear underneath custom windows.

• And several other minor fixes.
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