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NeoBookFM/FTP v1.0 Released

Questions about our File Management and Internet FTP plug-in

NeoBookFM/FTP v1.0 Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:18 pm

The completed NeoBookFM/FTP v1.0 plug-in is now available for download from the NeoBook Resource Center:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta test! Note: A few items have been added since the last beta including optional check boxes and improved detection of external file system changes (such as inserting or removing a thumb drive or CD, other apps deleting files, etc.)

NeoBookFM/FTP is an advanced file management and Internet FTP plug-in designed for use with NeoBook 5. NeoBookFM/FTP provides NeoBook authors with the ability to add sophisticated file management and FTP file transfer capabilities to their applications. Management of both local and remote files are supported in a single comprehensive plug-in. Files and folders can be copied, moved, deleted, recycled, renamed, sorted and filtered. Folders can be created and the date, time and attributes of files can be modified.

Files may be managed transparently in the background with scripting or interactively using a visible Windows Explorer style file browser component. File browsers can be used to display the contents of local drives or remote FTP servers. File browsers are highly customizable and can be configured to display files as icons (small, large or extra large), tiles, details (type, size, date, attributes) and thumbnails. Multiple browsers can be opened simultaneously, allowing files to be dragged from one location to another. Files can be dragged between local and remote locations (upload/download) or between two remote locations (site-to-site). You can even drag and drop of files to and from other Windows applications.

Some of the many uses for NeoBookFM/FTP include:

• Custom branded FTP apps - Great for ISPs and web designers. Provide your clients with a customized FTP app that they can use to easily update their websites without giving them total access to the server.

• Custom file management apps - Great for networked or shared PCs. Prevent users from getting into folders and files you don't want them to. Limit file management tasks to specific folders and file types.

• Website builders - HTML and images files can be uploaded automatically without user interaction.

• Custom file selectors - Create your own file selector for your apps complete with thumbnails, preview, etc. Limit navigation to specific folders, file types, etc.

• Training apps - send test results to your FTP/webserver for scoring. Results file can include student's name, identification number, time stamp or whatever information you need. Teachers can collect files from server for grading.

• Upload/download - Add the ability to upload or download files to any application.

• Backup - Make copies of important application files to guard against user errors.

• And much more...

NeoBookFM/FTP can be purchased for $79.00 from our online store:
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