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Second NeoBookFM/FTP Beta Released

Questions about our File Management and Internet FTP plug-in

Second NeoBookFM/FTP Beta Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:29 pm

A second beta test version of NeoBookFM/FTP is now available for download from the NeoBook Resource Center:

In addition to the features included in beta #1 (described here: beta #2 includes the following:

- Added fmSetRootDir action to define the root directory for a file browser. The root directory is the first or top-most directory in the file system hierarchy. Once the root directory is set, the browser will not allow navigation below that point, making it appear to the user that no other folders or drives exist below the new root.

- Added the following properties to the fmSetFileBrowserProperties action:

* DragMethod: Used to control the appearance of the drag image. Can be either Icon or Thumbnail

* ViewContents: Used to control the contents of the list view. Can be FilesOnly, FoldersOnly or All (Both files and folders).

* ShowExtensions: Turn display of file name extensions on or off.

- Improved handling of lost connections. Plug-in will now attempt to reconnect when an FTP connection is unexpectedly closed by the server.

- Correct compatibility problems with Windows 2000.

- And numerous other minor fixes and enhancements.

Although this is a beta version, NeoBookFM/FTP is available for purchase now. The beta version is fully functional and can will accept a registration code. The plug-in does not expire and can be distributed with compiled publications. You can order NeoBookFM/FTP online for $79.00 below:

You may use this forum to post questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc. or send email to
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