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Flash Player situation gets much worse

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:57 pm
by fkapnist
As if the problematic 3rd party Flash Players weren't enough of a pain, now YouTube will be serving thousands (or millions?) of websites with a black rectangle saying "Private Video" on their home page! First YouTube conned professional filmmakers (mostly news documentaries) into signing up for a program that gave them half of the ad revenues. That sounded good. But now the filmmakers' visitors are being forced to pay 10 dollars to see the videos.

Too bad. For everyone except YouTube that will make millions of dollars from this. Either from visitors paying a subscription or frantic webmasters running to the "Store" to buy tools to remove the "Private Video" message from their home page. This is worse than blackmail, it is the monopoly of a so-called free market, and across-the-board censorship has never seen a better day.... I wonder what company might come out with a one dollar pill to fight off the toxic parasites?