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I Need a WebBrowser Address Bar

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:54 pm
by fkapnist
Does anyone have a working example of a WebBrowser address bar? In the sample PUB I download from Neosoft, the address bar (or TextEntry1) remains blank.
If I send [WebBrowser1Addr] to the address bar I get not only the website URL but all of the iframes (mostly Google and Facebook ads) within that website.

Is there a way to filter out those URLs?

Also, in YouTube I don't get the actual video address but a "Google-Ad" URL that causes a new page to load over the current video while its sound continues to play in the background...

All the extra iframe URLS and "about:blank" pages are embedded within the parent website document.
In Javascript an iframe interacts with its parent URL through "parent.location"
Can't Neobook get a parent location and send only that URL to the address bar?


Here is a sample PUB

based on the instructions from Gaev here (

It seems to work ok... but if you go to YouTube and click the thumbnails at the right side bar, sometimes the address bar URL is not the actual video location...