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Spectacular String Functions

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:08 am
by reinier maliepaard

No, not spectacular at all, but the small number of flexible VBScript String Functions I share with you, were most useful for me in the last few Neobook years.


Copy the folder mcString into Neobook's Functions folder and check the examples, tips and tricks in the Pushbutton Properties in!

It's free!

Bugreport or comment? Please, send me an email: reinier dot maliepaard at gmail dot com


PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:02 pm
by Luiz Alfredo

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:23 pm
by Neosoft Support
Thank you for sharing this with us Reinier.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:29 pm
by Leos
Thank you