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Multiple currency table grid

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:59 am
by paeon09
Hi All

Struggling with this at the moment, perhaps I am not using correct field type?

Using Field type Currency as in OrderEntry pub.

I need a Balance Field that displays multiple currency symbols ie: Euro, GBP, USD as €100, £100,$100 in a grid, so that::

Fred Bloggs account balance is €12.30
Homer's account balance is $15.88 etc etc

Looking at the OrderEntry pub it uses the dbpSetFieldProperties DisplayFormat to achieve a Currency Symbol but that
(as far as I can work out) only applies to a field from another table.

I tried putting the different symbols in a text field in the same table as the Balance Field but it just uses one of the sysmbols
for all the balances using dbpSetFieldProperties.

I have achieved it with a listbox but have to use a monospaced font to line everything up which is not really what I wanted.

Also when I create the table and use dbpExecSQL to insert data if the data is all one symbol type like £2.50 its OK, but if I try to
mix the symbols Insert £2.50 in one record and then €2.50 in another record it generates an error?

I hope I have made it clear what I am trying to achieve :|

any help greatly appreciated


Re: Multiple currency table grid

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:46 am
by Wrangler
I think you need to leave the currency symbol out of the db. 12.50 is 12.50 and could be euros or dollars or pesos. Put the symbol in a text box next to the field. I believe currency format pertains to the number of decimal places.