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any tip for network shared database .mdb?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:28 am
by yanzco
i need help,
i am trying to have a database being shared to a local network..

what i'm trying is being able to have a network computer to sync data when a button is pressed "sync"..

what i did..
main computer A
i have the shared file main database.mdb
shared file changes.mdb

network comp B
has its own database.. user.mdb but whenever the app is opened, it copies the whole database.mdb file and renames it to user.mdb then uses it..

now when a network comp does a change it will add the changes to another database changes.mdb

but then now i get confused as it gets complicated//

i dont know how to use mysql database. as im stuck with access database.. using simple add records and delete records..

help :(

Re: any tip for network shared database .mdb?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:36 am
by virger
I would try to do it this way, but before I ask:
1) Do you make "changes", "insertions" and "erased" on both computers?
2) NO == Then when finished "copy" the base that was used / change to the other computer
3) YES == Then with the information of DatabaseChanges you should compare "Time of Change" "NumRegister" and thus know where to go. Ex.
Change Compu "A" Time = 9:00 AM Record = 15
Change Compu "B" Time = 9: 01 Record = 15
The Compu B Data must be passed to Compu A
Inserts and deletes run on both computers
Compu "A" insert 56, copy it to Compu "B"
Compu "B" insert record 61, copy it to Compu "A"
Compu "A" Delete record 76, Delete it in Compu "B"

I have not tried
Trataria de hacerlo de esta form, pero antes pregunto:
1) Haces "cambios","insercciones" y "borrados" en ambas computadoras?
2) NO==Entonces al terminar "copia" la base que se uso/cambio a la otra computadora
3) SI==Entonces con la informacion de la DatabaseCambios debes comparar "Tiempo del Cambio" "NumRegistro" y asi saber de donde a donde pasar. Ej.
Cambio Compu "A" Time=9:00 Registro=15
Cambio Compu "B" Time=9:01 Registro=15
Se debe pasar la Data de Compu B a la Compu A
Las inserciones y los borrados se ejecutan en ambas computadoras
Compu "A" inserto resgistro 56, copiarlo a la Compu "B"
Compu "B" inserto resgistro 61, copiarlo a la Compu "A"
Compu "A" Borro resgistro 76, Borrarlo en Compu "B"

Yo no lo he intentado

Re: any tip for network shared database .mdb?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:34 pm
by yanzco
yes, both computers can do changes..