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Emigrating & upgrading all my software from Access to MySQL

Questions about our Advanced Database plug-in

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Emigrating & upgrading all my software from Access to MySQL

Postby WinMacLyn » Wed Jan 16, 2013 6:04 pm

I am using the fantastic NeobookDBPro plugin to handle Access databases on all my software.

All my software includes the Access database file (.mdb) in the installation of the programs with all the tables already made and formed with data samples, so the software does not need to reproduce the database file.

I have learned a lot about the Access database using the NeobookDBPro with NeoBook.
But the time has come to emigrate and upgrade to a more powerful database. So the chosen one it is the MySQL database, because of its unlimited database input and because is free to obtain.
So now the only thing that has stop me is, that I do not know anything about MySQL !! :(

Because of this, I am asking for help to anyone with vast knowledge in MySQL. Following are the questions I have regarding this matter.
1- What files do I need to include on the installer in order to run a MySQL with the related software?
2- Can I include an already formed MySQL database file as I do with the Access (.mdb) file?
3- Because the JET software is installed in all Microsoft PCs, the user does not need to have installed Access in his/her PC in order to run a (.mdb) file. So the question is, do I need to install a MySQL interpreter in the user PC?
4- If the above answer is positive, how can I install MySQL interpreter in the user PC programmatically and automatically.
5- What are the changes that I need to make on the NeoBook code? Do I need to change only the command dbpOpenDatabase instead of dbpOpenAccessDatabase?
6- From the following link, what download/s do I need to obtain in order to build and run a MySQL database?
7- Can I use the MySQL Workbench? Because it has a GUI, looks to be friendlier when producing tables.

Thanks in advance, to anyone that can help me with the above information and questions.
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Re: Emigrating & upgrading all my software from Access to My

Postby dpayer » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:25 am

I will agree that server based data has some very desireable qualities, I think you will find that installing MySQL on a distributed application has some issues.

1) You will need to install MySQL on the machine. There are configs and firewall issues involved with this. Also, a base install sets the server username/password as root with a blank password. You will have to modify that yourself. You will need to be sure you keep up to date with security issues if you are going to distribute a server product to your users. A compromised database server can push out massive amounts of data to a network and even cause it to be shut down. You need to become as knowledgeable as an MySQL admin if you will be distributing MySQL to your users.
2) After you finish the install to your satisfaction, you can via batch file create tables and import data to them.
3) Not just an interpreter..... YOU NEED THE WHOLE SERVER PRODUCT!
4) see #1. There are some prepackaged versions of MySQL that may satisfy your need. Be aware some of them come with PHPMyAdmin installed that allow anyone with direct knowledge of it to modify your database.
5) If you have your NB code to open databases by a subroutine, you should be able to simply change the parameters of that routine to open the database. Note, some things don't work the same on other servers as they do on Access. See my thread on MS SQL 2012 for examples.
6) see all of the above
7) you can use the MySQL tools but remember they are only going to affect the database on your machine. You can't use that programatically via NB.

Good luck with your project. I have found NB DBP to be a powerful tool.

David P.
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