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NeoBookDBPro v1.4 Update Released

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NeoBookDBPro v1.4 Update Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Fri May 21, 2010 11:02 am

NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoBookDBPro version 1.4. This update can be downloaded from:

This update contains the following:


 Added a page background image option to the Report Designer.

 Added a hollow/transparent fill option to the Report Designer.

 Added conditional formatting option to the Report Designer’s Text/Field and Formula objects. This allows the appearance of the object text and fill to change based on a specific condition. If the specified condition equals true then the specified formatting will be applied. If false then the default formatting will be applied.

 The dbpDefineValueList and dbpPopupValueList actions can now contain more than one display field. Separate multiple display fields with semicolons ";". For example:

dbpPopupValueList "AddrBook" "Contacts" "LastName" "LastName;FirstName" "Left=216;Top=160;Width=96;RowCount=15" "[SelectedName]"

 Added an option to the Report Designer’s Insert Field dialog box to sort fields by name or ordinal position.

 It’s now possible to print reports without opening a database. This only works for reports that do not any database elements. To preview or print a non-database report, leave the Database ID parameter blank. For example:

dbpPreviewReport "" "[PubDir]SampleReport.dbr" "DisplayMode=FitPage"

 Added an option to specify an initial page to the dbpPreviewReport action.

 Added gradient color options for the grid’s TitleColor and HighlightColor properties.

 Added right click subroutine action to the grid.

 Added auto-size option to the Report Designer title and header partitions.

 And several other minor enhancements.


 Improved the appearance and accuracy of large auto-sized blocks of text in the Report Designer.

 The Report Designer math functions (Sum, Count, etc.) now work properly when placed onto Group Footer partitions.

 Corrected a problem that prevented the Report Designer from saving custom paper sizes.

 The Report Designer’s Formula object now works correctly with mathematical calculations containing formatted numeric and currency fields. Previously, if the field’s display format included a thousands separator or currency symbol, the calculation would fail.

 Deleting a single record from a sorted database now highlights the next sorted record instead of the next physical record.

 The dbpRefresh action now returns to the currently selected record instead of returning to the first record.

 The nbpExportToCSV’s IncludeFieldNames option now correctly skips non-exportable fields (such as picture fields which are not compatible with CSV). Previously, when IncludeFieldNames was used with a table containing non-exportable fields, DBPro incorrectly included the names of non-exportable fields in the CSV file's header. However, the data portion of the file correctly excluded non-exportable fields. This discrepancy would cause subsequent imports that used MatchFieldNames to fail since the exported field header and data did not match.

 Corrected a problem that could trigger an “invalid bookmark” error under certain circumstances when deleting records using the grid‘s navigation bar.

 And several other minor fixes.
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