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NeoBookDBPro Beta 2.2 Released

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:58 pm
by Neosoft Support
An updated beta version of NeoBookDBPro is now available for download from the web site below:

The Beta 2.2 version includes the following:

* Minor bug fixes.

* Further revisions to the help file.

* Added an extra parameter to the dbpExecProc and dbpExecSQL actions. This additional parameter can be used to direct the results of a procedure or sql commands to a specific DBPro table. The interesting part is that this table doesn't need to actually exist in the database. If you specify a table that doesn't exist, then NeoBook will create a faux table to act as a placeholder for the dataset returned by the procedure. You can then open and display the faux table as if it were a real table. For example:

dbpExecProc "DB1" "MyProc" "Temp1"
dbpOpenTable "DB1" "Temp1" ""
dbpShowGrid "DB1" "Temp1" "Rectangle1"

This will execute a procedure called MyProc, create a faux table called "Temp1" and display the results in a grid.

This should allow access to datasets returned by stored procedures and advanced queries that cannot be easily accessed through DBPro's table metaphore.

The dbpExecProc and dbpExecSQL sections in the help file contain additional information.