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Call vs. GoSub

PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:06 am
by fkapnist
I just noticed that all actions included in the (GoSub) subroutines will automatically be compiled into the final program. But external (Call) functions, from a webpage for example, will not be compiled unless that function is also called from within NB. That explains why some finished .exe output won't work. I would use the Call function only if it includes JS, VB or something other external to native NB script, and make sure it is also called from NB, not just an external webpage. GoSub subroutines on the other hand will always get embedded into the final .exe.

Also Note: If you have several versions of a PUB, changes in the subroutines will affect only the version you are editing. But changes in the function library will affect ALL versions of a PUB which may cause some problems...