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Questions about using NeoBook's scripting language

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Postby Gaev » Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:11 pm


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Good afternoon:
The annoying because I would love to know how to make a simple animation of a button to export in Flash format, I can use it in Neobook. I turn the button "Flash Animation" what incerta, I see, I run, I see the animation. But it is impossible to give a command and go to the next page.
I request your help as I have tried everything and anyway I can not do it.
You can download the example package from here ... ... =10&lid=36 ... that demonstrates how commands from the flash file are received and processed in a NeoBook pub.

The NeoBook Help file contains information about the deployment of FSCommands ...
The Enable FSCommands option allows special NeoBook Action commands embedded inside the Flash file to be executed. The Flash FSCommand feature is an advanced programming tool used by Flash authors to communicate with the host application - in this case NeoBook. Using FSCommand, Flash authors can execute any of NeoBook’s Action commands. Using FSCommand is beyond the scope of this manual, but experienced Flash authors need to direct the command at NeoBook. For example:

on (release) {fscommand ("NeoBook", "AlertBox \"A Message From NeoBook!\" \"Hello there,|This is an Alert box From NeoBook.\"");}

In addition to NeoBook specific FSCommands, you can manually intercept FSCommands intended for other applications. To do this, define a special subroutine called ObjectName_FSCommand. Replace ObjectName with the name of your Flash Player object. Before calling the subroutine, NeoBook will create two variables called [ObjectName.fsCommand] and [ObjectName.fsArgs] containing the information passed from the SWF file to NeoBook. Again, replace ObjectName with the name of your Flash Player. The contents of these variables can be almost anything, so some knowledge of the SWF file will be helpful when deciding how to interpret this information. The example subroutine below displays an AlertBox in response to FSCommands:

AlertBox "FSCommand" "[Flash1.fsCommand], [Flash1.fsArgs]"
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yo quiero flash

Postby Soy Nica » Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:02 pm

donde puedo conseguir flas pa ver como dice el mae ese

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