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resetting timer

Questions about using NeoBook's scripting language

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resetting timer

Postby stevec » Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:42 pm

This might be simpler them I'm trying to do this.

I have a timer:

Timer2 -
tmCoolProgBarCreate "Rec2"
tmCoolProgBarType "Rec2" "1"
tmCoolProgBarMax "Rec2" "15000"
tmCoolProgBarSetValue "Rec2" "[T1]"
tmCoolProgBarStartcolor "Rec2" "255" "0" "120"
tmCoolProgBarFinalcolor "Rec2" "108" "193" "255"
tmCoolProgBarBGColor "Rec2" "0" "0" "0"
tmCoolProgBarBlockSpaceSize "Rec2" "5" "2"
If "[T1]" ">=" "14700"
TimerStop "Timer2"
Delay "50"
TimerStart "Timer2" ""

It runs a simple progress bar.
What I'd like it to do is after it reaches a threshold - here 14700
It would restart the bar at zero and begin again.
Basically, it's a 15 sec progress bar that I'd like to have it just repeat the process.

Any thoughts;

Steve Christensen
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