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BrowserExecScript, BrowserGetElement and BrowserSetElement

Questions about using NeoBook's scripting language

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BrowserExecScript, BrowserGetElement and BrowserSetElement

Postby beno » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:21 pm


More thoughts following this thread, but now as a new topic.

First I have to say that these new NB actions are superb!!. There are other threads were good NeoFriends has expressed it, but the thing is thta these new actions has opened a new universe of possibilities to NeoBook.

I am developing a "little" CMS project and thanks to Gaev's directions in using these actions now my project is working super nice and I have been able to add new features that I wouldn't imagine when I first started working on it.

Just to mention, as a example, my project was using a real clumsy technique parsing html files for images and links. NB is not fast when parsing a file line by line sequentialy...

With the new approach now this is done in a smarter and safer way and in a snap! (Ok, I have to recognize that my first approach was real primitive...).

But let's take appart stories and go back to the main idea of this post, and it is just to call the NeoBookers attention that these new set of actions are real powerfull and allows to integrate modern web technologies to our NB projects.

Thanks 10^100 NeoSoft!!

My project is nearly ready for beta test. This is good news... I will devote some time to make a english version (actually this is in Spanish). If someone is interested in this beta test process please send a PM or use my email ...

Saludos and Viva NeoBook!!!!

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