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Windows Vista look and feel

Questions about using NeoBook's scripting language

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Windows Vista look and feel

Postby Gigi » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:49 am

Making soomething and want a Windows Vista look and feel to it. It is a tray application and I will make the buttons as similar as possible to the current available previews. Then I want the thing to fade in and out so I put this in the Start Up actions:

SetVar "[WindowState]" "Minimized"
tmTransparencyValue "100"
SetVar "[WindowState]" "Normal"
Loop "1" "33" "[TempVar]"
Math "100-[TempVar]*3+1" "0" "[TempVar2]"
tmTransparencyValue "[TempVar2]"

It works OK but you can see the window brifly at start up. THe shut down action:
Loop "1" "25" "[TempVar]"
Math "[TempVar]*4" "0" "[TempVar2]"
tmTransparencyValue "[TempVar2]"

works like a charm.

Can anyone advise how to get the start up to fade in without the brief flash at the beginning? ALso does anyone have advise on resources available for Vista-vication???


PS: The "tmTransparencyValue" thingy is great.
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Postby Neosoft Support » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:49 pm

You could try adding the following to the beginning of your startup action:

SetVar "[StartInSystemTray]" "False"

It may not be possible to completely prevent the window from appearing briefly because the transparency is being set by a plug-in.
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Postby Gigi » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:04 pm

Got it working fine by adding a fade in to the fist page and fading out with the plug in.
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