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NeoPaint 5.1.2 Update Released

General questions about using NeoPaint

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NeoPaint 5.1.2 Update Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:06 am

NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoPaint version 5.1.2.

Current version 5 users can download a free v5.1.2 update patch from:

Follow the instructions to download and apply the update patch.

New users can download v5.1.2 from:

This update contains the following:

 The colorize effect is now correctly applied to the entire image. Previously, the effect would leave a one pixel border along the right and bottom edges.

 The saturation algorithm (found in the Hue/Saturation/Luminosity dialog) has been modified to make the effect more subtle.

 Selected areas copied to the clipboard now have the same DPI (dots per inch) settings as the original source image.

 The status bar now shows the cursor position during the entire selection/drawing process. Previously, the cursor position would be hidden when the mouse pointer moved outside the drawing area.

 The color selection/dropper tool, activated by pressing the Ctrl key, now works correctly with 32-bit images.

 Images that are open when NeoPaint is closed using the main window’s close button are now correctly added to the file menu’s recently opened history list.

 And several other minor fixes and enhancements.
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Neosoft Support
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Re: NeoPaint 5.1.2 Update Released

Postby HPW » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:31 pm

Thanks for the next update and ongoing product-support.

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Re: NeoPaint 5.1.2 Update Released

Postby Luiz Alfredo » Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:56 am

Thanks for the Update.
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Re: NeoPaint 5.1.2 Update Released

Postby Abdullah » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:58 pm

Thanks for the update
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