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NeoPaint 5.1.0 Update Released

PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2013 3:40 pm
by Neosoft Support
NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoPaint version 5.1.0.

Current version 5 users can download a free v5.1.0 update patch from:

Follow the instructions to download and apply the update patch.

New users can download v5.1.0 from:

This update contains the following:


 Added Auto Trim special effect.
 The Text tool can now be used with Bitmap fonts in addition to TrueType/OpenType fonts. However, due to their inherent limitations, bitmap fonts do not support anti-aliasing or text effects. To use these features, you must select a TrueType font.
 Added options to allow advanced users to change the default stamp folder and show stamp image sizes on the stamp pad. (See Options > Set Preferences.)
 Selected palette colors are now saved between sessions.
 The Capture Webpage command now uses the version of Internet Explorer installed on the computer instead of IE7.
 Improved GIF compatibility and added options to the Picture Info command that allow GIF transparency to be turned on or off.
 Added additional shortcut keys for selecting tools using the keyboard.
 And several other minor enhancements.


 The snap to grid feature now works correctly with all tools when the magnification/zoom level is greater or less than 100% (1x). This problem only affected certain tools.
 Non-transparent, 256 color GIF images now load correctly. Previously, some types of non-transparent GIF images were treated as if they were transparent, which prevented some drawing tools from working correctly.
 It‘s now possible to modify the transparent color assigned to non 32-bit stamp images.
 Corrected a problem that caused text rotated 270° to appear invisible under certain circumstances.
 Corrected a problem that caused the Undo command to fail when using the Pencil or Pen tools to draw a shape that began and ended on the same pixel.
 Corrected a problem that could cause the Fill tools to fail under certain circumstances when editing transparent 32-bit images.
 The status bar now shows the correct percentages when selecting colors from the palette in CMYK mode.
 And several other minor fixes.

Re: NeoPaint 5.1.0 Update Released

PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2013 10:55 pm
by HPW
Thanks again for a nice update.
Keep on the good work.


Re: NeoPaint 5.1.0 Update Released

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2013 1:26 pm
by Trainman
Have download your update and had to reinstall an earlier version. Sorry.

When I load PSD Images, it shows them correctly within the preview window but does not load them correstly.
The image should be 900 x 500, with layers, but only shows the layer part that has anything on it.


Re: NeoPaint 5.1.0 Update Released

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 2:59 am
by HPW
I also tried to load PSD Images found on my PC, and I can confirm a problem.
Content seems to be schrink to a small bar instead of whole picture.
A test psd show in NP4 960x640 pixel.
In NP5.1 it say 528x28 pixel in picture info.

Re: NeoPaint 5.1.0 Update Released

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 10:12 am
by Neosoft Support
That's embarrassing. We'll release a fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.