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NeoPaint 5.0.1 Update Released

General questions about using NeoPaint

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NeoPaint 5.0.1 Update Released

Postby Neosoft Support » Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:40 pm

NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoPaint version 5.0.1.

Current version 5 users can download the v5.0.1 update patch from:

Follow the instructions to download and apply the update patch.

New users can download v5.0.1 from:

This update contains the following:


 Added “Insert Frame > Picture on Disk” option to Animation menu.
 Added “Any File (*.*)” filter to open dialog.
 NeoPaint can now open .bak files created when Preferences > Save > Create backup files option is turned on.
 Added “Auto” conversion option to 256 Color conversion dialog. This option works best when used to convert true color photographs down to 256 colors.
 Installation now adds NeoPaint to the Windows list of recommended programs for supported file formats.
 Added “Colorize” special effect.
 Added “Combine Visible Layers” option to the Layers menu.
 Reduced the delay that occurred when generating thumbnail images for the undo history. This was only noticeable when editing very large images.


 Corrected a problem that prevented the NeoPaint window from being brought to the foreground after performing a NeoGrab screen capture.
 The open dialog now shows all supported file formats under Windows XP. The previous version truncated the list of file formats due to a limit on the size of file filters under XP. Newer versions of Windows were not affected.
 When converting images down to 16 colors, the entire 16 color palette will now be used. The previous version only used 8 colors.
 And several other minor fixes.
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Colorize tool

Postby eDsCgEkHrT » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:55 am

Hi to everybody, I just would signal the Colorize tool that allows to paint a picture in different colouring:


Yes, this feature is very usefull for people who sell objects or other kind of solutions that need to be coloured.

I signal a trick:

Before to tinte something, it's better to convert the picture as gray scale and only after to start the colouring.

The resaon? It's much easy.

So copy and paste the picture in a new layer and open the Colorize filter.

Choose wich source colour should be transformed and choose wich colour shoud become.

(this choice it's very important because there are many colors and shadows or the light change the results).

In following picture should be clear the demonstration why it's much easy to color a picture that before has been transformed on Gray scale.

In the True colors pictures, the Red color is become Blue but the in the gray scale picture the Gray is become White. In both example the target colour was white.


That's all, enjoy

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