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Suggestions for NeoPaint

General questions about using NeoPaint

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Suggestions for NeoPaint

Postby Luiz Alfredo » Sat Sep 08, 2007 9:02 am

Some good Implementations for future releases/versions of NeoPaint:

1) Layers Support (Layers Tool Bar, Show/Hide Layer, Drag and Drop Objects from one Layer to another, etc.)

2) More options for Line object, like Start Arrow, Start Arrow Type (Normal arrow, Filled Arrow, Normal Circle, Filled Circle, Normal Losangle, Filled Losangle, Small tree for One-Many or Many-Many Representation, etc), End Arrow, End Arrow Type (Normal arrow, Filled Arrow, Normal Circle, Filled Circle, Normal Losangle, Filled Losangle, Small tree for One-Many or Many-Many Representation, etc).

3) The Stamp Pad could also show other kinds of images and not only .stw images (png, jpg, etc.). This would be great and I think in the current version as a new release.

4) In the Picture Browser, we could have some nice things:
a) Right Click could show a Menu with the tool bar functions, plus:
- Imaging Processing for one or selected images (NeoPaint filters, including the new ones).
- Convert selected images to .bmp, .jpg, .stw, .png, etc.
- Send Image by Email
- Save as .bmp, .jpg, .stw, .png, etc.
- Open with other configurable graphic apps (Exe Location, Parameters).
b) Optional Pane with Folders Tree on the left. For easy browsing.
c) Optional Preview Pane.
d) Option for List View, Thumbnail View and Thumbnail Size.

5) Keep actual tool bar, but a new option for small icons tool bar, for more screen space.

6) Tool bars could have small pin for fixed windows if the pin is fixed, and if not fixed could hide the tool window in x configurable seconds, showing it when mouse is over the small tool bar title.

7) New menu style with icons like in NeoBook.

8) Main Tool Bar with its Options Bar could optionally float.

9) Some kind of Tool Bar, or in the Options Bar an option for Create as Object, for later editing the Objects Properties. If this Create as Object is not checked it would be created as bitmap, with no possibility of property changing.

10) If item 9 implemented, an Option in the menu/options for:
a) Convert Object to Bitmap. And all properties/options will be disabled.
b) Group and Ungroup Objects.
This, combined with the layers support will open many possibilities.

11) NeoGrab could have an Option for Fixed Size captures. This way we could make multiple captures of the same size in a fast way. Some type of automatic saving for the multiple captures could be implemented also (Option for File Mask Name and File Type and NeoGrab will save MyCaptureMask001.jpg, MyCaptureMask002.jpg, MyCaptureMask003.jpg, etc.)

12) An option in the Menu for Trim Canvas with an additional option for Same Picture or New Picture.

13) In the Picture Browser an option for Save (selected pictures) as Web Page, with some additional options for Page Title, Page Style (Slide Show, Thumbnails, Navigator, Sliced Pictures, etc.). This can be done for the new NeoBook Pro also genarate a Web Page from a Publication.

14) Help design could be better, more friendly and with more details and with some tutorials for designing interfaces, buttons, NeoBook or NeoBook Pro integration (like Send All Images to NeoBook Page xx, Send all Images to Individual New Pages, send to NeoBook as Image, send to NeoBook as Button, etc.).

Congratulations for the excellent tools. Keep the good work.

Luiz Alfredo G. Menezes

* Sorry for the English. It's not my native language.
Luiz Alfredo
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Postby Neosoft Support » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:10 am

Luiz Alfredo,

Thank you very much for your excellent, detailed list of suggestions for NeoPaint. I have printed your post and will definitely add it to our list of things to consider for future updates.
NeoSoft Support
Neosoft Support
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