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Plug-ins and utilities of interest to NeoBook authors

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Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Mar 07, 2002 10:37 am

NeoBookDB Beta: Now you can quickly add database capabilities to your NeoBook 4 publications with this easy-to-use plug-in. Browse and edit database files (dbf) on-screen or use NeoBookDB behind the scenes to store and retrieve information. Great for storing forms, lists, test scores and other types of publication generated data. Open up to ten database files simultaneously. Functions include: Open, Create, Find, Query, Sort, Add, Delete, Export, and more. AutoSave features makes sure your data is always saved. From the makers of NeoBook. FREE for registered NeoBook users!


NOTICE: This is a pre-release BETA TEST version of NeoBookDB. It is intended for testing purposes only. Before using, please keep in mind that this BETA version is unfinished and is likely to contain errors and bugs. Anyone interested in testing, please report errors and problems to:

Ed Note: This is an awesome Plug-In! Indicative of NeoSoft's attention to detail and high quality...
Jim Brammer

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