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TechMedia Web Updater

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TechMedia Web Updater

Postby asawyer13 » Fri Apr 08, 2011 12:17 pm

Has anyone tried this plugin??


Web Updater

Very powerful and extremely easy to use plugin to implement web update capabilities into your application. Just put this plugin in your application, upload an info file to your web site and start cheking for new updates. You can download the updated application or inform user to go to a specific page and download.You be able to download resources from internet location. You can log on the server that requires authentication with the help of the password and user name properties. You can obtain useful information from the download, like speed, time remaining and bytes proceed.

All the power is available to the user, to allow you produce very professional looking applications that needs file updates with a nice feedback for your users. All the complicated code was hidden from the developer, who will find a very simple, yet very powerful update plugin.


* Check for updates
* Define multiple update states
* Multithreaded download
* Asynchronous checking and download to not block your application while transfering the file.


* Very easy to use
* Lots of feedback info
* Authentication features
* Download from HTTP and HTTPS

US$ 79.90
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