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Wireframe modeling tool

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:01 am
by dpayer
I found this interesting app while reading an article from a young programmer who was describing his approach to developing not only an app but a business foundation for his creation. He has a young mind's approach to entrepreneurship (as opposed to well..... you know).

Here is his story: ... et-funding

But one of the apps he pointed to that was important for him was this $79 tool called Balsamiq used to do mockups of his software plans ( It was quite interesting.

Then I realized, our NB environment allows us to do very much the same thing with a few extra steps. In fact, I often start with the end product in mind and draw it out on a page (or several pages as the concept develops) in the Neobook IDE. I then work out the logic to create that look/feel. Inevitably things change but having a visual model at the start helps me alot.

I suggest reading the article on quora. This guy is a lean/mean entrepreneurial machine. I know I for one can learn from his zeal.