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Meet my new project: Humm PHP framework

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:55 pm
by dec
Hi NeoBookers!

Ok. This is not exactly a NeoBook related software, but since I develop the project, and it's an open source project, I think that might be of your interest. I send an email to all my "NeoBook Friends" but want to publish here too. And wait... if you wanted to include your email address into my "NeoBook Friends List", just send me a private message and I'll do it. I send some messages primarely about my NeoPlugins to this list. So...

But I open this trhead to present you one of my new projects, Humm (from Hummingbird), an small, simple but effective (at the least to my own pourposes) in order to setup a more or less PHP website, capability to connect to a database connection in an easy way, having the necesary to translated the website to various languages, etc. If you like the Humm site, think that the site is based on Humm itself.

But no more words. Just take a look at Humm, download it, use it, modify it, and finally put to the recycle bin if you don't know what doing with it. :)

Of course if you need some more information or help don't hesitate to contact with me and I try to help you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your attention!

Re: Meet my new project: Humm PHP framework

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2014 6:39 pm
by dec

Just for anyone who can be interested, right now is possible to download the version 2.0 of Humm PHP, which, among others features, allow us to manage various sites using the same base code. Today I update all my sites in order to use Humm PHP 2.0 and I am very proudly with Humm PHP since works like a charm and for sure must save my time in the future, since now is more easy to work to maintain update all my websites.

If you are interested visit my personal website at:, since from this you can access all my others websites, including the new NeoPlugins site, of course, and also the Humm PHP site, from you can download it if you liked. :)