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Neobook Update 2018

General questions about NeoBook

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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby dglojnar » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:54 am

luishp wrote:If I were in NeoSoftware position I will probably drop dramatically the price of NeoBook and start an agressive marketing campaign.
Using a platform like MightyDeals or similar to expose the software to as many potential customers as possible and creating a good Landing Page focused on selling.
NeoBook is yet an incredible tool with a lot of potential in a huge target market but is almost unknow to people under 40 years.
Increasing the customer database is a key point to introduce NeoAppBuilder later.
Personally I would offer my knowledge and work to help on this as much as possible as I'm convinced of the success possibilities.
It is simple: There is not any other software as smart, simple and usefull as NeoBook and NeoAppBuilder on Earth.
Please don't give up.

Totally agree :D :D
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby David de Argentina » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:09 am

When I mentioned the alternative of launching a version of NeoBook that does not have the compiler active, a series of desirable side effects emerged, namely:

1) to be able to install this NeoBook in all the colleges, universities, companies and other state organisms, which I know are interested, but can not afford the cost of buying it. Not all countries has money as US....
2) Once you have it installed, surely, colleges, universities, etc will want to have at least one complete version, in order to compile the examples. This results in sales that would not have been possible without the free version.
3) Eliminate piracy. No one would be interested in hacking a program that gets free.
4) Keep teachers or users of NeoBook motivated regarding the possibility of continuing to increase the resource center. Except for the regional disciplines (history, geography, language, etc.) you can develop examples that can be used globally.
5) In some parts of the world, teachers who perform certain training receive scores that enable them to perceive better income or promotions. Getting the NeoBook international training center to assign score, certification or qualification will make it a more attractive activity.
6) On our side, those developers who have specialized in any activity that may be compatible with teaching, may give seminars, courses or training.

I suppose that all this has a very low cost, because I believe that Dave in a very short time can disconnect the compiler, and in terms of the methodological structure of training, I already made some time ago a scheme working in conjunction with a graduate in education.

I understand that this form of project is very invigorating, because it would have many neobookers busy and selling training services.

If Dave finds it interesting, it would be good to create a topic to be able to further develop the teaching structures that I already have created.

My 0.01
David de Argentina

PS: In Argentina, the national government delivered more than 4 million netbooks for free to students in the initial and secondary schools.
Basically, they use them to search for things in google. :evil:
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David de Argentina
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby David de Argentina » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:51 am

Going to the concrete, the numbers would like this:

1.- for full Neobook sales, as usual, Money for NeoSoft and for distributors.
2.- Sales of training services: Part for NeoSoft, part for the trainer and part for me.
3.- for sales of specific resources (specialized didactic developments) Part for NeoSoft, part for the developer, part for the reseller and part for me.
4.- sales of specialized plugins (oriented to the didactic) Part for NeoSoft, part for the developer, part for the reseller and part for me.
5.- for generic plug-in sales: Part for NeoSoft, part for the reseller and part for the developer.

I consider the independent reseller as an important part of the business scheme thinking that someone (for example in Croatia) could manage the installation of thousands of free Neobook licenses, plus the provision of generic plugins and specs developed for example by Hans-Peter and DEC , more training services for teachers and follow the list of salable products ...

As you can see, I am included in some collection concepts, because it seems appropriate that in addition to offering to collaborate with the development of the services that are put on sale with didactic orientation, I will provide the pedagogical framework so that all the developments keep coherence.

I believe that the ways of generating income for NeoSoft, resellers, and for independent developers are clearly exposed.
How to make this work and the definition of percentages, will be part of some kind of gentleman's agreement that should be discussed.

I would greatly appreciate knowing the opinions of the neobookers.

Greetings from Buenos Aires,
David from Argentina
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David de Argentina
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby agilefalcon » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:48 pm

Perhaps it was the impact of working on NeoAppBuilder which caused most of the issue?
Personally, I would be happy with just NeoBook without the capability to develop for phones. I run NeoBook on my Surface tablet without any issues so I don't think we need a "tablet" version of it.

NeoBook is so very powerful yet simple, a true testament to the thought that went into it: It needs to be promoted in some fashion, more YouTube videos would be the start. The web site should feature much more than the demonstrations that are geared to the novice user. How about appealing to the eLearn types. In fact, that's where I first began to use it instead of the extremely expensive Adobe product.

Furthermore, I have used it at work to replace and develop from new tools that I would have made in VB (remember VB6?). This is a point that could be promoted too!

I don't think NeoBook is dead, in fact, I believe its reanimation would bring about a revival in interest.

I'm certainly willing to pay for an upgrade - and I do think that the price could fall in line with something like Xojo (which I also use).

Just my humble opinion - I truly think NeoBook is an awesome tool and I would forgo NeoAppBuilder to keep it alive.

Chris Berardi
Fort Worth, TX
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby dpayer » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:09 am

This issue isn't the appbuilder.

The issue is that too few are buying the app to allow the developer to prosper. One big problem he has shared with me is that of piracy. Many have found hacks to bypass the need to pay for Neobook. He doesn't get money from other's use of his product.

It might have been good to implement an annual licensing fee for updates a few years back or charge more for updates. The software world has changed greatly since the era Neobook began (DOS VERSION!)

Hopefully, some idea will emerge that will allow the developer to continue to prosper from his work as well as allow other paths to contribute to the onward development of this product.
David Payer
Des Moines, Iowa
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby mishem » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:34 am

The issue is that too few are buying the app to allow the developer to prosper.

For Russia, $ 150 is very expensive.

$ 150 x 58 rub = 8 700

This is the average cost of living in Russia.

One big problem he has shared with me is that of piracy.

If the program costs 500-1500 rubles, In Russia, not one hacker will not break it.

In my opinion, the problem is in the pricing policy, updating and advertising the program.
I also think that developers of commercial plug-ins are required to give a percentage of the profit.

1. It is necessary for each country to find the optimal price solution.
2. Need a free program for training and advertising. Without the ability to compile and connect plug-ins.
3. Sections action done in form of plugins and sell them separately. If for example, for each section of the action to take for 10 dollars, you end up with the program and will cost 150 dollars, but for the end user it will not be as noticeable.
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Neobook Update 2018

Postby agilefalcon » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:38 am

Piracy is always an issue.
I wonder if separating the compiler functionality from the program would help. Example, you buy the non-compiler version for a few dollars; then, if you want to generate a commercial or multi-user or some other "commercial" feature, you would buy the compiler "tool" to do that. The compiler function could be more rigorously controlled, yet most people could afford an inexpensive Neobook application for themselves.

Children and casual users won't pay the high cost of Neobook as it is now - people are now used to paying $10 on the Apple Store. As noted - a dollar equivalent in Russia or other countries may be out of line and encourage piracy just because Neobook is so awesome and developers really want to utilize it!

As suggested elsewhere - a yearly subscription is another possibility to keep the development invigorated.

I have a need for the DB Tool - it is $100 by itself which is quite pricy though the functionality is quite impressive. When you add the cost of Neobook and the DB Pro tool, it becomes more expensive than Xojo - and of course, the Xojo cost is a yearly subscription so it isn't a truly fair comparison.

Anyway - what we all want is a way to get Neobook back on track - there isn't anything about it, whether functionality or pricing that can't be adjusted to give it a new lease of life: Just my opinion, and hoping to encourage more activity!

Chris Berardi
Fort Worth, TX
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby GeoTrail » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:27 pm

This is so sad. It's MMB all over again.

BTW, I got a New computer and when trying to download nbw.exe I get a virus Message on Windows 10 Pro. I get a Message about this virus: Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A once the file has completed downloading. Windows says its a serious threat and immediatly deletes the file.
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Re: Neobook Update 2018

Postby gusgusl » Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:10 pm

Pienso que se deberia serguir a las grandes marcas y lo que hacen ellos:

Que NeoBook sea como los productos de ADOBE con pago mensual y verificacion online, eso le generaria un ingreso mensual estable y a nosotros los usuarios nos beneficiaria con agregados mensuales productivos que nos permita hacer cosas mas interesantes.
Creo que no ha de ser dificil agregarle una activacion online mes a mes
Cuantas personas a nivel mundial usamos NEOBOOK? 20? 50? 100? y creo que la mayoria estariamos dispuestos a pagar por ella.

Otra cosa que veo, es que NEOBOOK deberia juntar en su plataforma todos los plugins que existen creados por terceros y ganar redito por ellos siendo el distribuidor
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