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Recommended Programming Language

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Re: Recommended Programming Language

Postby BRobinsonS » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:15 am

I stopped using Delphi after years of using it because it was too expensive for a casual programmer to keep updating.
Neobook with Database and other add-ons does generally what I need at a very affordable cost.
The only things I have not been able to do is create a particular type of custom reports with NeobookDB Pro database.
For example, using Delphi for an envelope printing app I was able to allow users to create a custom sized envelope or label by created the details in a database.
Then, create the report (envelope or label) from there.

The NeobookDBPro report creator must know the size before populating the fields and positions.

Bottom line for me, I enjoy Neobook and it satisfies my needs as a programmer and hope to expand my knowledge with Neobook although I have been using it since 'DOS' days, but more serious now.
Brian Robinson
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