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Rotate an object (Pushbutton) by degrees

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Rotate an object (Pushbutton) by degrees

Postby datadon » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:50 pm

Anyone come up with a way to rotate an object like a pushbutton by a number of degrees? Either in the IDE or programatically?

I don't think it is possible but thought I would inquire.

I've tried using an image and polygone but not quite what I want.


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Re: Rotate an object (Pushbutton) by degrees

Postby Danito » Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:51 pm

Quizas te sirva hpwUtility de HPW que crea controles knob

Action: hpwKnobCreate - Append a knob-control to an existing NeoBook Rectangle object.
Action: hpwKnobRemove - Remove a knob-control previously attached to a Rectangle object.
Action: hpwKnobSetPosition - Set a knob-controls position by code.

[hpwKnobSpringLoaded] - Knob autoresets to 0 after dragging
[hpwKnobPageSize] - Value for jumps with PageUp and PageDown-Key
[hpwKnobImage] - BMP/PNG/JPG Image loading is supported from disk,embedded and mimestreams
[hpwKnobBackgroundImage] - BMP/PNG/JPG Image loading is supported from disk,embedded and mimestreams

Keyboard: Use cursor keys for single step change and PageUp/PageDown-keys for pagesize-step

Based on the following freeware:
TKnob(v2.0) written by Silhwan Hyun is upgrade version of TKnob(v1.0) written by Gary Bradley Hardman.
EZLine is written by E.Z. Jordens.
TRotateImage v1.54 by Kambiz R. Khojasteh
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