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"Hot Folder" Printing Question

General questions about NeoBook

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Re: "Hot Folder" Printing Question

Postby Dan Silverman » Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:04 pm

dpayer wrote:
Dan Silverman wrote:BTW - The link to your EXE leads to the infamous 404 page not found error. :)

Opps. Capitalization error on the server. Try again now.

Also, I see I used a plugin that you will need to get and install

Code: Select all
RACGetDefaultPrinter "[defaultprinter]"
RACGetPrinters "[printerlist]"

RACPrinter -

Thanks for the fixed link. :)

Thanks also for the link to the plugin. However, it looks like that page is dead. The home page loads, but none of the links to any of the plugins work. They all return a "500" error. :(
Dan Silverman
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