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New forum (?)

General questions about NeoBook

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New forum (?)

Postby stu » Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:11 pm

I was just thinking, the community seems to be a bit more active in the last few months... And I have also noticed some here and there off topic posts... so I was wondering how willing will people and administration be to have some sort of 'General' area to discuss other aspects of programming and also bond a bit more with the each other by sharing in a not-so-formal or specific fashion...


I reckon it wouldn't hurt... No need to experiment here since there's many other old time/big time communities with such areas and they live pretty much k with the rest of the forums.

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Re: New forum (?)

Postby schmutly » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:32 pm

unfortunately that's the last thing needed Stu. Ive appreciated the willing and generous support from many long time members here since i joined and off-topic banter is probably not what it needs.
Been a member of too many forums that were designed for support (as this forum Title says:Support for NeoBook and NeoPaint) and the pain of sifting through irrelevant topics and support issue of the product(s) (reason for a support forum isn't it?) where those other topics are best suited for Facebook or other social media places. I scanned this whole forum and there is hardly any off-topic discussions and if there are its fun,lasted a few posts,then ended as it should have.If you look at just the list of topics in this thread alone,General NeoBook Discussions(the Board index even), there isn't any off-topic TOPICS and most guys/gals here who have been here since 2002 as well as all of us have lives,families and work and come here to get help. I mean that's what the forum is designed for. As for Dave he is snowed under trying to get this new product for the web ready and i for one am excited about that because it will fill up this forum with more "relevant" and on-topic discussions about this new product.
So sorry Stu, i mean you DID imply you wanted a response and you could say its only my opinion but weighing up irrelevant topics versus problem solving and helpful posts..well,the percentage comparison is almost negligible.
And thing about it..if it was needed or wanted in the past 12+ years you'd think it would have started a long time ago but the fact its kept true to support and programming help has been a blessing.
It needs to stay as it always has, a support forum like 99% of the posts here have been. Posts like telling people they have "atrocious color schemes" is their opinion,unhelpful and borderline rude are examples
of why off-topic and personal opinions don't build up good rapport or good for a forum. Other social media sites become obsessive for some people too, Facebook a classic example of consuming the time of people who
should be more productive helping and doing worthwhile activities rather then add another distraction (or in some cases an addition) to their lives.
I know you DID say: "...other aspects of programming.." but in 12 years you'd expect those areas to be covered or NOT covered if we|us|you have no ability in that area also relating to Neobook and whether it can even support that.
But anyway, its been great this forum for finding help, bits of code and needed solutions for Neobook and the fact one of the Largest forums for programming , , frown down upon and remove irrelevant topics is a good example why it should remain as it has.
My opinion? You asked. EDIT: Anyway, mate its nothing against you or anyone so don't look too deep into it ok, start it if you like, i just think soon we'll all be so busy helping each other (im pretty dumb so cant help much, sadly) but we'll have Dave new flagship to get stuck into so that will keep us busy for sure..take care :)
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